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Night Talks | Think Out of the Box

  • 2018.9.21
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It is an honor for the 14th Diligentia Night Talk to have three alumnae from the CUHK to share their life experience. They are Ms. Freyja Chen, Ms. Wang Xiaoshuang, and Ms. Fan Yilun.

It is parents’ and teachers’ care that disperses the clouds in our lives. However, as we grow up, the problems of life come one by one and we need to face them by ourselves. Therefore, it's important to plan our lives ahead, it is as important to discover who we are. It is an honor for Diligentia Night Talk to have three alumnae from the CUHK to share their life experience. They are Ms. Freyja Chen, Ms. Wang Xiaoshuang, and Ms. Fan Yilun.

Science fiction - feelings and styles coexist

Dressed in jeans, with her long hair and a warm smile, Ms. Fan Yilun is just like our peer. As a student of a cultural major, she got to know about science fiction unexpectedly. Due to homesickness, she looked for the Chinese books in the library when she studied abroad. The first book she read there was is "Wandering Earth" written by Liu Cixin. Since then, science fiction has become not only the subject of her graduation thesis, but also her career. "I feel anxious when I talk with researchers around the world, because the existing science fiction research theories all come from the west, but I doubt that western theories can interpret non-western experience." Faced with such a contradiction, she decided to cooperate with Baguangfen Culture Company to explore the current situation of science fiction in China. From Fan's story, we can find that the dream can be small, just as a personal hobby. But dreams can also be big, realizing cultural transmission. So hold on to your dreams firmly. Although there will be twists and turns, you will embrace success in the end.

Renew yourself - raise self-awareness

One eighth of an iceberg floats on the surface of the water, eroded by winds, waves, snow and ice; while the remaining part of it is submerged in water, hard to see or describe. Whether based on Freud's iceberg theory or Hemingway's iceberg principle, everyone is like the iceberg – only knowing one eighth of oneself. Therefore, we all need the courage to explore the seven eighths that’s left uncovered. Ms. Wang Xiaoshuang shared her journey from being a student who read only the books of the saints to be a rebel founding Qingxing team related to sexual education. Her story tells us that only by renewing ourselves can we make the right choice. "When I get to know more about gender theories, I find that many things in daily life should not be taken for granted as I thought before, and there are many things behind it that can be further analyzed or discussed," Wang said. Therefore, with the strong belief, Ms. Wang actively sought her own value in society.

Confidence is priceless -- progress with time

In this night talk, Ms. Freyja Chen shared her transformation story from an ordinary high school graduate who could only speak mute English to a confident PR with fluent English. During this period, she changed her major, overcame difficult time in sophomore and junior years, surprisingly found the direction of public relations, and insisted on the field of science and technology. “I've been doing PR for four years, but my work has always been connected with tech companies, and I feel like I have made the right decision. First, the industry you choose can offer you a job opportunity, and technology companies are rising. Second is my personal interest. Although I am an arts student, I love science. Although I am not able to become a professional technology practitioner, I can work with them in this industry. The judgment on the industry and persistence of interest make Freyja an excellent PR, and also let us see that it is possible to combine work and interest together.

Editor: “Time flows down the river, life sails against the river.”

From the stories of Ms. Freyja Chen, Ms. Wang Xiaoshuang, and Ms. Fan Yilun, we not only obtained the knowledge of how to make choices, but also got the courage to think out of the box and pursue our dreams.