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Term Review: Muse Coffee Chat

  • Zhuowen Li
  • 2017.5.25
  • News
“Take your time to enjoy a cup of coffee, get yourself involved in a relaxing chat.” “Coffees are different from kind to kind, and you are one of a kind”. In every episode of Muse Coffee Chat, an affiliated academic staff from Muse College was invited to communicate with students about life experiences and help with troubles and confusion students bumped into. Muse Coffee Chat helped build a harmonious teacher-student relationship as well as a united aura.

Episode One: Dr. Glen K.C. Hui (Uncle Hui)


I’ve never seen Uncle Hui in the flesh before. His photo on the poster helped me build my only impression of him. What I found amazing was he owned a car and earned 1,000 CAD per month while being a “coffee-aholic” and couch potato watching television for 8 hours every single day in his university years! Now he’s sure a humorous and amiable teacher.

--SHI Xiaotong, freshman of 2016, School of Management and Economics


 Episode Two: Dr. LEI Shiwei


 Dr. LEI led an unrestrained life when he was in university. A university is a free zone where you have access to whatever you go for. Do not frame your future. We still can choose to become what we like to be.

Dr. LEI is knowledgeable and amiable. I learned something brand new in his talk relating to his history and anthropology study experiences. Also, I was enlightened by his talk on career planning and life experiences.

--LEI Jingyue, freshman of 2016, School of Management and Economics


Episode Three: Dr. DANG Heping

A man of noble character is not restrained by implements.

Interest is the best teacher. Whatever you are interested in, go for it.

One has to build his own judgement on a certain thing instead of following others.

Exercise is a must when it comes to healthy life.

Read broadly in university.

Dr. DANG is charming and talented. Her sharing precious memories in her university is like a beam of sunshine in overcast days, enlightening us who are perplexed about future. I really enjoyed this talk with Dr. DANG.

--SHI Xiaotong, freshman of 2016, School of Management and Economics


Episode Four: Prof. YEH Paul Shupai


Embrace new thoughts, new persons, and new things. Step out of your personal zone. Learn from more than something surrounding, and see farther than horizon line.

Maintain your own elegant demeanor, and keep your original style. Force your way ahead. Go for it in your 4-year university life.

Prof. YEH portrayed the “real life in Taiwan” for us. We talked about life in university and history of Taiwan while enjoying the coffee and refreshment. How time flied when we realized the talk was near to an end. I expect another face-to-face talk with Prof. YEH.

--ZHOU Shiyu, freshman of 2016, School of Management and Economics

Episode Five: Dr. ZHAO Pusong


I spent 7 years in Tsing Hua University finishing my bachelor’s and master’s degrees. In the last year, I was able to continue my study to gain a doctor’s degree on Tsing Hua campus while I also applied for the doctor’s degree of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). I didn’t have a clue about what future this decision would bring to me. I only had an ambiguous way of thinking-to stay or to leave? But what you really gained from your choice depends on every individual even in the same place.

We discussed whether there were criteria to evaluate literary work and how to study literature. Cohesive and rigorous words with her gentle and mild tone explained her profound view on literature study. It was really a fruitful talk. I long for an opportunity to be enrolled in Dr. ZHAO’s lecture someday.

--ZHU Enyi, freshman of 2016, School of Management and Economics


Episode Six: Dr. Charles H. KIEFFER


My homeland locates in Wisconsin, where my family owns a mediate piece of farmland. Well, it is as big as our completed campus.

I had a horse weighing 3,000 pounds. He was born in the same day as me. He saved my life by driving out a bull threating my life.


The Coffee Chat hosted by Muse College provided us an open platform to become aware of the dynamics of everyone around us. We are supposed to be rigorous in academic field while we are also passionate about tiny things that spice up our daily routines. It’s especially amazing when you find that these two qualities are compatible.

--LI Zhuowen, freshman of 2016, School of Humanity and Social Science


Episode Seven: Dr. DENG Yangzhou


From flipped affectionate moments to pains and joys caused by GPA, we covered a wide range of topics.

Dr. DENG is humorous and learned. He was good at everything even when it came to gossip. He also added his intriguing experiences and understandings of university life. It was a relaxing and beneficial afternoon. I appreciate the activity a lot and I hope it will persist.

--ZUO Minghao, freshman of 2016, School of Science and Engineering


Episode Eight: Prof. MAO Lei


It’s suggested that you should focus on subject understanding and overall development. Apart from major required knowledge, what matters more in undergraduate education is all-round quality cultivation. Therefore, I underscore the General Education offered by our university.


Prof. MAO laid emphasis on quality cultivation, and urged us to figure out one’s goals instead of being a follower. He also shared some learning methods and suggestions on economics and management as well as science and engineering study. I was inspired to see clearer about my future in Coffee Chat.

--CHEN Muhan, freshman of 2016, School of Science and Engineering


Episode Nine: Dr. Mark CRIMMINS


Dr. Mark CRIMMINS was totally unfamiliar name for me. But the first talk between me and him was hilarious. He introduced a great writer to us. I can’t wait to read Ulysses to admire James Joyce, as Dr. Crimmins put it, who parallel the writer LU Xun.

--WANG Ziwei, freshman of 2016, School of Science and Engineering


Episode Ten: Prof. TSANG Kawai


Life is always in the process of modification for me. I chose to learn Mathematics out of interest at the very beginning. I realised I couldn’t find a fulfilling job because of my major when I was about to graduate. So I went for a master’s degree, thinking Finance was my real vocation, which I found was wrong. I ended up studying Machine Learning.


I gained a lot from this talk. As a specialist in data analysis, Prof. Tsang shared his study experiences from CUHK to Stanford University, from which I developed a deeper understanding of data analysis.

--HE Haoze, freshman of 2016, School of Science and Engineering


 Ending Episode: Prof. ZHAO Junhua


Life learning enables us to keep passionate and curious about new things. Also it’s significant to cultivate your self-learning ability.


I learned from Prof. ZHAO that sometimes major doesn’t that matter. He took power system as his major accidentally. He was satisfied with this decision, because the proof is in the pudding-it was not until you tried that you started to be aware of your preference and adaptability.
--ZHANG Zhiyi, freshman of 2016, School of Science and Engineering


In Coffee Chat, students not only enrich their university life experiences,

but also develop a deeper understanding of the true essence of whole-person education.



Muse, always with you.