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Assistant Professor Bilian Lin Wins “Best Paper of 2016 Award” of Academy of Management Annual Meeting

  • 2017.09.05
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A series of studies published by Prof. Bilian Lin in the Journal of Organizational Behavior have been awarded as “Best Paper of 2016 Award” at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting.

Prof. Lin now serves as an assistant professor in School of Management and Economics, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. This year, the 77th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management was held on August 4th -8th, Atlanta, USA.


The paper “Why is underemployment related to creativity and OCB (Organizational Citizenship Behavior)? A Task-Crafting Explanation of the Curvilinear Moderated Relations”, has attracted wide attention in the academic world. This paper was led by Professor Lin and was published in Academy of Management Journal, the top international managerial journal. Based on the job-crafting perspective, Professor Lin and her team discussed the relationships between underdevelopment, creativity and OCB. The team found “…underemployed employees actively use their own advantages to rethink how to finish their job, and through task crafting, they carry out more creative activities, contributing to the smooth operation of their organizations.” This brand-new research result is rated by many leading business media as “an innovative and useful finding”, providing an important reference basis for managers when tackling the issue of “underemployment” and managing over-qualified employees.

(Prof. Bilian Lin (the first from the left) with the chairman of The Evaluation Committee of Journal of Organizational Behavior and the chief editor)



Recently, this article has been quoted and reprinted by public media home and abroad, including Academy of Management Journal, the website of QUARTZ, Financial Times,, LSE Business Review and other mainstream media.


(Professor Lin received Best Paper of 2016 Award from Academy of Management Annual Meeting.)