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Muse Dinner Gathering for Semester Ending

  • Zhuowen Li
  • 2017.05.22
  • News
With the final exam week drawing to a close, Muse College’s outgoing activity, including putting at golf course, buffet dinner, and strolling under the setting sun, with the aim to help students put aside their textbooks, walk out of the library, enabled students to lay their burdens down and release pressure before the approaching of the summer holiday.


Muse Dinner Gathering for Semester Ending Section 1: Putting at Golf Course


Assembled as scheduled, students arrived at the golf course in batches for putt contest. Before the contest, golf coaches were invited to teach students several key points about the standing posture when putting the ball: Set feet parallel and apart, the distance between which equals to shoulder breadth. Keep knees slightly bent. The neck should be parallel to the ground. Narrow the hip and keep the arm straight.


 Then, when setting for a goal, the player, instead of being strictly framed by the area formed by the distance between the feet, should imagine a straight line starting from the club head pointing straightly at the goal with the aid of the tick marks on golf clubs, especially for training, to take aim.



(The coach demonstrated putting the golf ball)

 Players, avoid employing the strength of the wrists, weight shifting, and rotating the hip, should use the strength controlled by shoulders and arms postured like a clock pendulum, and rehearse for several times for better practicing.


 After illuminating the putt movement, coaches invited students to take a try one by one in groups, pointing out the mistakes so that students could get better acquainted with the movement.


In groups, the contest officially started.


(The student tried putting the golf ball)


 In groups the students stood in a circle, engaging in the contest. They burst out shouting and cheering as the ball hit the hole, driving the pressure away.


 Section 2: Buffet Dinner


 Sitting around the table at the golf course, students enjoyed dinner and had their own conversations.


Mr. Fang from School of Science and Engineering (SSE), also the warden of Muse College, Mr. Wu, tutor of Muse College, and Dr. Hui, also from SSE, joined the buffet dinner as well (from left to right).


Section 3: Exercise after Dinner


 Coaches were also invited to illustrate how to play golf in a golf tournament. After students’ practice for a couple of times, the golf ball could reach at the speed of 100-150 yards.


(Chen Ruiqi, student from Muse College, was regarded as a master golf player)


 With the joyful time drawing to an end, students from Muse College will continue on their ways: some will go back home to stay with their families, while others will stay on campus and keep learning.



 Wherever you go, Muse College will always be with you.


(Students from Muse College, together with teachers, took a picture to mark the occasion)