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Hangyang University Erica Campus Establishes Liaison Office at CUHK (SZ)

  • 2016.12.19
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On the afternoon of December 19, 2016, the University held an opening ceremony for the liaison office of Hanyang University Erica Campus (“Hanyang Erica”), another international partner university.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (“University”), established in 2014, has sent more than 400 students to 10 summer schools in 2015 and 2016, including Cambridge University, London School of Economics, Duke University, and UC Berkeley. In the fall of 2016, the University initiated an exchange programme whereby its first batch of 67 students were sent to an overseas partner university to study for one semester. Up to September 2016, the number of students studying at overseas universities to earn credits has taken up 50% of its total number of students, ranked first among domestic universities.


On the afternoon of December 19, 2016, the University held an opening ceremony for the liaison office of Hanyang University Erica Campus (“Hanyang Erica”), another international partner university. Several collaboration agreements have been executed to expand education cooperation projects between the University, Hanyang University, and other universities in Korea, assist the University in exchange of students and staff, and match up partner institutions in both countries in terms of enterprises, academics and research institutions. Professor Yangsheng Xu, President of the University, Professor Jai Sung Lee, Executive Vice President of Hanyang Erica, along with other distinguished guests, attended the ceremony. This new liaison office is the first of its kind Hanyang Erica has opened in an overseas university. As early as the end of November, the University also established its first overseas liaison office in Hanyang Erica.

Objective: Nurture another Steve Jobs

Hanyang University is a comprehensive university with 80 years of history. Its engineering programmes are among the best in Korea and it has been ranked 171 on World University Rankings 2016. Since inception, it has been in contact with the University for exchanging students and launching other international collaboration programmes. As to why he has chosen the University which was established only three years ago, Professor Jai Sung Lee explained that he was impressed with the University’s potential in teaching and learning during his first visit in June. In addition, the University’s location is similar to that of Hanyang Erica, which is situated in a financial and high-end manufacturing base in Korea. This is conducive to commercialization of research results. Consequently, these two universities will collaborate in scientific research and industrial development in addition to daily teaching and learning. Professor Jai Sung Lee is confident that by leveraging on each other’s advantages in teaching, learning, research and urban development, both universities will be able to nurture another Steve Jobs.


Full Spectrum Cooperation

The University is working hard to develop a tri-party cooperation programme with international features, as disclosed by Academic Links Office of the University. At present, it has launched a pilot project with Copenhagen Business School and University of British Columbia in global supply chain and logistics management. Under this scheme, each university selects 15 students to study a major. They will study for one semester at each of the three universities by rotation starting from the third year and then return to their home university to finish their last semester. In addition, the University will engage in a tri-party cooperation with University of Auckland and University of South Carolina in global business studies and entrepreneurship programmes.


Furthermore, the University has partnered with University of Exeter, University of Southampton, University of Sussex and Bocconi University in 3+1+1 and 4+1 joint degree programmes, and is exploring possibilities of working with University of Michigan and University of Minnesota to launch similar programmes.


The full spectrum cooperation with Hanyang Erica is a bold step that the University has taken upon establishment, signifying a new start of its internalization effort in boosting scientific research and promoting industrial development.