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2017 Muse College Baking Biscuits and Chocolates

  • 2017.2.15
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With sweet intoxicating aroma floating in the air and love songs reverberating in the ears, Valentine’s Day arrived and brought a relaxation to our busy school life. In this special day, Muse College held a ‘Valentine’s Day Baking Party’ for us. “No matter you are single or not, Muse College will always be by your side!”. In this activity, Musers not only enjoyed the experience of making cookies and chocolate by themselves, but also tasted the sweetness of Valentine’s Day with Muse College.

On  2017 Feb. 14th, Muse College Held “Baking Love” party in CIDE.Muse College invited baking talent Crystal and Hong BingLei (a Muser) to guide students to make DIY biscuits and chocolate.Musers were submerge in sweet and romantic atmosphere of Valentine’s Day.

They made biscuits at first. Dough made in advance by Crystal was handed out to every students.

Baking talent Crystal.

Students rolled their dough first. Then, they shaped dough with different design.

The imaginative students created many lovely and adorable biscuits.

Baked biscuits.

Muse College also provided students chocolate pens and multicolored candy to decorate their biscuits. 


After enjoying the tasty biscuits, Hong BingLei started to teach them how to make chocolate.

Raw material and moulds.

Hong BingLei is dissolving palmin.

Students put palmin into the moulds, and then added nuts and granulated candy.

Waiting for chocolate to set.

The lovely and colorful made-up chocolate.

Students shared biscuits and chocolate with others. They all enjoyed a special Valentine’s Day.

To make this activity more romantic, students wrapped the chocolate and biscuits finely to give them to the people they love. Also, every students received an exclusive Valentine’s Day postcard.

Though the workshop was short, the happiness and sweetness were unforgettable. Here are some of the Musers’ experiences of this activity:

“Though making chocolate was easy, it could still give us a sense of happiness and achievement. Watching all of them working conscientiously, I knew that all the efforts would be paid off when they took out chocolate from the fridge and picked them out one by one. In this special day, we could feel warm and romantic through the sweetness of chocolate.”  ——Hong BingLei 2016 SSE 

“Tasty and heartwarming, Valentine’s Day party of Muse College was great.” ——Dan ZiYi 2016 SME 

“Muse College made me feel heart warmed and satisfied in this Valentine’s Day. I enjoyed making biscuits in different lovely shapes. Also, the biscuits are super delicious! ”             ——Meng Shihang 2016 SME 

“ One line for love is enough, but two lines are clearer. However, my love for Muse College should be written in three lines. ”  ——Song WenRui 2016 SSE 

“ Thanks Muse College for holding this sweet workshop. No matter single or not, we showed our tender side when integrating our emotion into biscuits and chocolate. Everyday will be like Valentine’s Day, as long as we treat our souls softly.”      ——Gao YueChen 2016 SSE 


At any festival, Muse College is always by your side.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!