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2018 Muse College Welcome Party

  • 2018.08.05
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When surrounded by the unfamiliar buildings and wandering around the brand-new campus, do you feel a bit nervous with confusion and feel like exploring the new environment? At the Muse College Welcome Party, you will get your answers here and start a new journey of university life.

Welcome aboard! We are pleased to have you all as a part of our big warm family. As a member in Muse family, you will embark on a fruitful college life.

To extend a warmest welcome to your arrival, Muse College is throwing a welcome party on the evening of 5th August. In this ‘family dinner’, the college will provide various pizza and refreshments, and introduce wardens and tutors who will guide you through the college life not only as teachers but also as friends. Join us and enjoy the wonderful feast!


Time: 18:00-19:00, 5th August

Venue: Cafeteria of Block C, Muse College


Detailed schedule:

18:00-18:05 MC Opening

18:05-18:10 Welcome Speech by Manager of Muse College Ms. Elizabeth GE

18:10-18:15 Group Photo

18:15-18:35 Pizza & Refreshments

18:35-18:40 Welcome Speech by Warden Representative Prof. Kurt SUN

18:40-18:45 Welcome Speech by Tutor Representative Mr. Jingchen SUN

18:45-18:55 Q&A

18:55-19:00 MC Closing