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The Diversity and Complexity of Chinese Culture

  • 2017.10.30
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Due to its long history, complex geographical environment, and diverse nationalities, Chinese culture is becoming increasingly diverse and splendid. Throughout time, it has formed unique cultural attributes. In this lecture, Prof. Zheng Bing will share his perspective on the diversity and complexity of Chinese culture.

Speaker’s Profile: 

Zheng BING received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Jilin University in 1990. He is currently the Standing Vice-President of Jilin University, a professor of Philosophy and Sociology, and a doctoral supervisor. He also holds such non-academic positions as member of the Jilin Provincial Party Committee, member of the CPPCC Jilin Provincial Committee, Vice President of the Chinese Sociological Association, and Standing Director of the All-China Journalists Association. Prof. Zheng Bing has also been Deputy Party Secretary of Jilin University, Dean of Jilin Academy of Social Sciences, and Proprietor of the Jilin Daily.

Prof. Bing has long been engaged in teaching and research on philosophy, sociology, and culture. He is one of the Chinese pioneers of theoretical issues of social development, and a prominent expert on culture and social development theory.

He has managed 13 national and provincial scientific research projects, including major projects by the National Social Science Fund. He has published 12 books and co-authored or edited over 40 others. He has had 300 articles produced in famous academic journals such as Social Sciences in China Press and Guangming Daily. He won more than 60 research awards, many of which are at provincial and ministerial level.