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The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen officially announced the establishment of the School of Life and Health Sciences on November 14th, 2018, which is the fourth school of CUHK-Shenzhen proceeded by the School of Management and Economics (SME), the School of Sciences and Engineering (SSE), and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS), offering educational programs from baccalaureate to graduate degrees.


The School of Life and Health Sciences (LHS) at CUHK-Shenzhen is to pursue excellence in teaching, research and innovation in life and health sciences for the benefit of human health and well-being. LHS strives to be an internationally recognized life and health science school that offers inspiring educational opportunities for students, conducts interdisciplinary research projects with global impact, and serves the life and health science profession and the community with distinction. The curriculum of LHS will integrate life sciences, health sciences, scientific research and bioengineering design, aiming to cultivate a group of leaders and innovators in this field through a rigorous and diversified mode of education.


Inheriting the excellent academic traditions and rigorous academic spirit of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, established upon the research foundations of the three Nobel Prize Research Institutes, aiming at the frontiers and long-term goals of the disciplines, the School of Life and Health Sciences shall offer undergraduate, master's and doctoral degrees. The Academic Board of the Chinese University of Hong Kong take charge of the approval and supervision of degree programs, guiding and managing teaching and teaching-related matters, and supervising the level of CUHK-Shenzhen degree qualification. CUHK-Shenzhen graduates are awarded degree certificates by the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The School of Life and Health Sciences will be open for undergraduate admission in Bioinformatics major in 2019 and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biomedical Sciences in 2020.


The School of Life and Health Sciences has a total of 14 full-time teaching and research staff. In the next few years, it will also gather elites through open recruitment to build a faculty with innovative spirit and bilingual teaching ability. For recruitment information, please refer to the website of the University.




CUHK(SZ) Established School of Life and Health Sciences


Two Nobel Institutes was Established in CUHK(SZ):


Ciechanover Institute of Precision and Regenerative Medicine Established:


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