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— Message from Dean —


    Richard YE / Presidential Chair Professor


Welcome to the School of Life and Health Sciences, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (CUHK-Shenzhen)!


Since the beginning of this century, life and health science has accelerated the pace of development in basic research and transformation of basic discoveries, and is poised for new breakthroughs. In this context, the CUHK-Shenzhen announced the establishment of the School of Life and Health Sciences in November 2018 after more than a year of planning and preparation. The School will adhere to the “Through learning and temperance to virtue” motto of the Chinese University of Hong Kong for education and training of innovative talents with rigorous thinking, broad vision and multidisciplinary knowledge through undergraduate, master's and doctoral programs. In terms of scientific research, the establishment of the School will facilitate the integration of research activities at the Arieh Warshel Institute of Computational Biology, Kobilka Institute of Innovative Drug Discovery, Ciechanover Institute of Precision and Regenerative Medicine, in their respective disciplines to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and create synergy. Aligned with the research directions of the three Nobel Institutes, the School of Life and Health Sciences will take the lead in breakthroughs in the fields of bioinformatics, drug discovery, precision and regenerative medicine, and expand into other areas of life and health research.


In line with the development of cutting-edge sciences, the School plans to enroll undergraduate students in bioinformatics in 2019, and will begin to offer undergraduate courses in pharmaceutical science and biomedical sciences from 2020. Through the combination of classroom teaching and experimental courses, the School of Life and Health Sciences will cultivate students with comprehensive knowledge and practical abilities. The School of Life and Health Sciences encourages undergraduates to conduct scientific experiments and graduation projects at the three Nobel Institutes, and will provide students with a wealth of summer internships and overseas exchange opportunities, including close contacts and academic exchanges with the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


As the fourth School in CUHK-Shenzhen with educational programs for baccalaureate and graduate degrees, the School of Life and Health Sciences welcomes students who are interested in exploring the mysteries of life and promoting human health. The School also encourages academic researchers who are willing to join our team to learn more about us and apply for open positions. Let us work together and jointly build a life and health science school with distinctive academic features and international reputation!